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Miso ginger porridge with garlic kale and poached egg

It’s only right that the first recipe I share involves my two loves, brunch and kale. I often chuckle at the irony that in the West, Kale is regarded a “super food” whilst in Kenya where I grew up, it’s a “poor man’s” staple. Of course, things may now have changed given all the hype it receives. But, growing up, Sukuma Wiki – directly translated into English means “pushing the week” – was as potato was to the Irish during the famine. Something you ate because you had no choice.

I wasn’t a big fun either, until I grew up and came to read about all the health-giving properties attributed to it. I quickly get converted and even start drinking it raw.

My palette isn’t exactly tingling when I come across this recipe, but it peeks my curiosity. I have a doctor’s appointment at that awkward time of 11:30 hrs and don’t think will have enough time for breakfast, let alone lunch, as there’s a lot of waiting around involved before I’m allowed to go back home. I’m also trying to shed off some of the weight I gained during treatment which involved steroids, hence trying to have only two meals a day. Brunch and early supper. Some days this works, depending on what brunch involves and how hungry I am, but other days it doesn’t.

I decide to try this out as the ingredients tick all the right boxes: filling, lots of protein & fibre, with the right nutrients for the body.


350ml – fresh vegetable stock

80g – gluten free rolled oats

1tbsp – brown rice miso paste

1tsp – grated fresh ginger

1tsp – butter (you can use either vegetable or olive oil)

1 – crushed garlic clove

50g – kale

2 – poached eggs

Sriracha chilli sauce to drizzle (optional)


Bring the vegetable stock to a simmer in a medium pan then add the oats and cook over a low heat until they begin to soften, about 2-3 minutes.

Stir in the miso paste and the grated ginger and cook until soft or to your desired consistency, stirring throughout, about 5 minutes. The longer you cook the porridge, the thicker it gets as the oats soak up the stock.

Turn the heat low whilst you prepare the kale.

Place the crashed garlic in a frying pan and heat until it becomes fragrant, add the butter then the kale to sauté for 3 minutes over a low heat.

Divide porridge between 2 bowls, top with a poached egg, the kale and a drizzle of sriracha chilli sauce.

Bon appetite


  • You can substitute the vegetable stock with chicken stock and use your choice of oats as long as they are jumbo oats.
  • Over time I have learnt that butter burns quite fast hence placing the garlic in the hot pan first, this gives it a head start before I add the butter otherwise it will have a burnt taste which isn’t what I’m looking for here. This garlic butter is also great over steamed asparagus. You can of course just use oil and heat it first before adding the garlic.
  • Do please add the sriracha sauce as it not only provides the kick that this dish requires but brings it all together. Unless of course you can’t handle the heat.

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