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my journey following a cancer diagnosis

A little about me

My name is Emily, just an ordinary girl thrown into an extraordinary life. Kale, Quinoa & Chemo is a narrative of my journey following a cancer diagnosis in 2017. Well, as much of it as I can remember. I didn’t keep a diary as I’ve always relied on my brilliant memory you see. Chemo took care of that.  “Chemo brain” isn’t a myth, it is my reality. In my previous life, I had a job I thoroughly enjoyed, the semblance of a social life, a tinder account (don’t get me started), and led a seemingly healthy lifestyle. I also cooked, a lot, and even managed a stint on the UK Master Chef, getting to the quarter finals.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul
William Ernest Henley

I’m currently not working, my social life confined to my living room and my cooking more convenient than it is gourmet. As for the tinder account, I keep getting reminders that I will soon disappear. This is my new reality, the norm for now. It may sound meagre compared to what I had before, instead, it’s incredibly enriching.  As I learn to rebuild my life brick by tear sodden brick, so comes generosity and compassion for self. As I learn to be human is to err, I uncover mouth watering recipes and reawaken my passion for travel and life in general.

As friendships are strengthened, so are others lost and new friendships uncovered. All of which I hope to capture with Kale, Quinoa and Chemo. I know am not perfect, but I no longer aspire to be. I am who I am.

As friendships are strengthened, so are others lost and new friendships uncovered.
Emily Amuke
Emily The Author


Just as all Africans are born entrepreneurs, there’s a book waiting in all of us. I put pen to paper in a bid to get to grips with everything unfolding around me after a shocking cancer diagnosis. The result of which is Kale, Quinoa & Chemo, an incredible therapy…

Emily The cook


I remember the first time I cooked like it was yesterday. It was chapatti, and I was eleven. They weren’t perfect but went down a treat.  Thus began my love affair with food, culminating with me making a fool of myself (well, depending on…

Emily The Critic


I was born a food critic. Ask my mother and she’s bound to tell you a tale or two about me and food whilst growing up. This hasn’t changed over the years, if anything, I’ve become more discerning. I’ve been lucky enough to eat in some…

Emily The Gypsy


I arrived in London over twenty years ago with £80 in my pocket, a telephone number and a head full of dreams. It was the first time boarding a plane, but I’ve never been so excited. As years have gone by, I seem to have lost that spirit for adventure…

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